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Skye Super White Brick Sand Bagged

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Skye Super White is the lightest coloured White Brick Sand available on the market for mortar. When using Off White Cement it will provide the whitest mortar possible.

* White/Greyish/light yellow coloured Brick Sand
* Used for making cement mortar
* Colour can vary from load to load due to it being a natural product.

Whilst the colour of Skye Super White is the whitest of our brick sands it is still highly recommended that wherever possible, the entire amount of Brick Sand required for any job (full build Load) be ordered and delivered in one daily load. This is to prevent the possibility of colour variation between loads which is caused by the different areas of the raw materials being mined each day. We also recommend that an extra 1m is ordered on every job for the likelihood of contamination while the sand is on site.

All Green will take no responsibility if there is colour variation in this Brick Sand and recommend that full orders are placed to avoid changes in mortar colour.

* Approx Bag Size = 20kg
* Approx 1 cubic metre = 75 bags

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