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National Masonry WedgeBLOK Sand 160mm

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F x 140mm W x 125mm H x 120mm BW

The exciting NEW smooth faced WedgeBLOK garden edging block is friendly to whipper snipper cords, beautifully finished with crisp modern chamfers and flexible enough to handle any style of edging. Lay all these styles with little or no gapping: straight edging, sweeping curves, tight curves, zig zags, big tree circles, little tree circles. Big enough to keep the weeds out and the mulch in, and small enough to fit in one hand so they’re super easy to lay. And yes, they’re also ideal for making fire pits


  • Easy to make curved or straight edging with no gaps!
  • Modern aesthetic with full chamfers around top and sides on the front and back of the block
  • Premium packaging with protective layer sheets on each layer to protect the tops from scratching
  • Solid pressed concrete construction
  • Smooth faces are friendlier to Whipper Snipper cords compared to rough, split stone surfaces of other blocks
  • Easy to handle – most people can pick up in one hand
  • Can glue together up to 4 courses high for a 500mm high wall
  • 19 pieces makes the smallest circle with no gaps – 980mm diameter to outer faces, 700mm diameter to inner faces
  • Contemporary colour range that matches our Esplanade 400 colours – can be used as paving edge restraints!
  • Manufactured locally by National Masonry® to strict Australian Standards

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