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Mushroom Compost is a blend of wheaten straw, chicken manure, and gypsum composted and pasteurized (heated to kill bacteria) prior to growing a mushroom crop. Once mushrooms are harvested it is then used in gardens as a compost. It contains almost all nutrients needed for good plant growth, improves soil structure, and conserves soil moisture.

* Ideal for rejuvenating established gardens
*  Ideal for rejuvenating Vegetable gardens after harvesting
*  Ideal as a mulch for established gardens, especially roses
*  Ideal for breaking up clay by digging in over a period of weeks
*  Not suitable to plant directly into
* Not suitable for pots
* Not suitable for Lawns, Palms, Ferns or Natives

* Approx Bag Size = 20kg / 30lt
* Approx 1 cubic metre = 34 bags

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