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EcoPest - Oil Insect Spray RTY 1L

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Give your plants the best chance against pests with Multicrop EcoPest Oil Insect Spray! Available as a 1L Ready-To-Use spray, or a 500mL concentrate, this insect spray will help to keep your plants protected against Scale, mites, aphids & other common garden pests!

This Eco-Friendly formulation is certified by the NASAA with very low toxicity to pets and people!

EcoPest protects in two ways, first, when spraying the plant, by deterring pests from laying eggs and from using your plants as a feeding ground, and when you’re spraying the insects directly by blocking the insects breathing air holes (spiracles) and by lining their breathing tubes (tracheae) which will then suffocate or drown the insect. EcoPest can also interact with the insects’ fatty acids, and interferes with their normal metabolism!

Superior Product Purity

EcoPest Oil uses a food-grade iso-paraffinic oil with a purity of greater than 98% (the industry standard is 92%). The purity is unmatched and the highest practically achievable with current technology anywhere in the world!

Impurities have the effect of reducing efficacy and increasing the chance of plant damage.

Proven Efficacy & Plant Safety

Trialed on a wide range of plants including citrus and other horticultural crops such as tropical fruit, floriculture, olives, a large range of pome and stone fruit, nuts and berries, bananas, cotton, ornamentals, and vegetables, and continually provides superior efficacy in the management of a range of pests such as scale, mites & sucking pests

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