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Searles® Flourish™ - Orchid Booster Liquid Plant Food 500 ml

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Searles Flourish® Orchid Booster is a concentrated complete liquid plant food formulated with premium ingredients providing abundant growth that you will see faster.

This dual action fertiliser contains balanced NPK fertiliser and chelated trace elements that feed plants through both leaves and roots, enriching abundant & prolific blooms.

- Suitable for all orchids including, cattleya, dendrobium, vanda, phalaenopsis, oncidium, paphiopedilum, cymbidium and native orchids.
- Dual action with rapid results
- Balanced NPK and chelated trace elements.
- Feeds through both leaves and roots.
- Enriches abundant and prolific blooms.

NPK: 8N:2.5P:14K

Also available in water soluble form.

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