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All Green Veggie Garden Soil Mix Bagged

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All Green Veggie Garden Soil Mix is made up of approx. 40% organic matter & water saving mulch. It has been specifically designed for a vegetable garden.

We recommend mulching with Pea Straw, Sugar Cane Mulch or Mushroom Compost to assist with moisture retention as this would prevent soil from forming a crust on top

*  Ideal for use in the garden for flowering plants, trees and shrubs
* For use in vegetable gardens to plant straight into
* For use when planting fruit trees
* Not suitable for Lawns, Palms, Ferns or Native
*  Not suitable for pots

*For top dressing we suggest using our Turf Sand

This is a recycled and sustainable material, small traces of stone, plastic and rubble may be found in parts of the material

* Approx Bag Size = 20kg / 30Litres
* Approx Cubic metre = 50 bags

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